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Our unique range of client services is the key to your financial stability.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
    Create and implement financial plan based on your individual goals, needs and desires
  • Portfolio Analysis and Optimization
    Regular review of financial plan and portfolio to ensure you are on track to pursue your goals
  • Tax Planning Strategies
    We monitor your tax situation throughout the year to maximize tax benefits.
    We will work with your tax advisor to minimize your tax liabilities
  • College Planning
  • Sale of Business
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Divorce/Widow(er) Financial Planning
  • “Green” Investing
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
    We review your estate plan annually to ensure that it is current.
    We will work with your legal advisor to assist you in working towards your goals.
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Educational Client Workshops

A Life in Transition

Life is a series of transitions and decisions must be made all along the way. As life and circumstances progress, making decisions regarding staying in your own home, downsizing, or moving into a retirement community each present its own set of questions. Or, you may be newly single, whether by divorce or loss of a loved one, moving from two incomes to one or even to spousal support. Perhaps you are transitioning from the accumulation phase of your life to that point where you are more concerned with how to hold on to your assets and ultimately how to take distributions. Each situation introduces new financial challenges. It is at times like these that you may be looking for someone you can rely on.

Many feel the need to turn to a professional whom they can trust to manage their wealth and help keep them financially secure. Bourke Wealth Management’s goal is to help manage money issues so you can have a more comfortable and worry-free life. With over three decades experience in all types of investing conditions, Kevin’s priority is to provide clients with confidence and stability in their financial future.

Questions arise such as:

  • How do I budget now to ensure that I’ll have enough to live on?
  • How will I manage my money?
  • How can I best preserve my capital and still watch my money grow?
  • How can I plan my children’s education?
  • What will I do after spousal support ends
  • What happens to my children if something happens to me?
  • How can I secure my own financial future?
  • How do I begin planning my retirement?
  • How do I ‘downsize’ in preparation for moving out of my home?

Kevin has experience answering these questions and has helped hundreds of individuals preserve assets, increase income potential and reduce taxes.

Kevin is qualified to assist those facing divorce. Those facing the loss of a spouse have similar issues. At a time when emotions are high and the future uncertain, it pays to have someone explain, simplify and guide you through this new terrain.

We understand that financial decisions cannot be made in a vacuum. Emotions, children’s needs, memories, all play a part. Kevin Bourke listens carefully to your desires and will help you craft a comprehensive plan that addresses the whole picture, not just the dollars and cents. We partner with your attorney, tax preparer and other professionals to ensure that your entire financial picture is successfully developed.

This is for information purposes only.  Bourke Wealth Management does not provide any tax or legal advice.  Please consult a tax or legal professional, respectively, on your specific situation.

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