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We are actively looking for advisors to join us. Are you close to retiring and looking for a succession plan? Or are you an advisor looking to grow your fee based book of business? We offer a turnkey, proven method to assist you.

Please watch this two minute video to hear about John Lee’s experience moving to Bourke Wealth Management.

If you’re looking toward retirement, Bourke Wealth Management offers:

  • An opportunity for you to realize the benefit of the effort you’ve devoted to building your business. It’s likely that we can offer a significantly greater buyout than what you currently have. We can help make the transition simple and seamless.
  • You’ll know that your clients will be cared for in a professional, caring manner.
  • Your staff can be included as part of our agreement.
  • We are flexible in structuring transactions.
  • There may be a tax advantage to our succession strategy versus your current option. Check with your tax professional.

Some facts about Bourke Wealth Management:

  • Turn-key onboarding. Simplicity and ease for you are the top priority for us. Our team will help move your business to give you a smooth landing.
  • High profile and visibility in the Santa Barbara community.
  • Fee based. We can support you in your fee based business, or assist you in making the transition to a fee based business, perhaps even increasing the value of your business.
  • Kevin Bourke has over 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor and can provide a solid base of knowledge and experience to assist you as you make this move.

If you’d like to know more, call or email us to schedule a confidential appointment.