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Kevin is featured often in the media, both in print and on TV. He has shared his insights many times on KEYT-TV (Santa Barbara’s ABC affiliate), and has been quoted in the Santa Barbara News-Press and Santa Barbara Wine & Dine Magazine. For several years, Kevin was the financial columnist for the Santa Barbara Independent online.

In Print

Below are just some of the newspaper columns Kevin has written for the Santa Barbara Independent on line.

About Financial Advisors:
How to Choose a Financial Planner You Can Trust
Basic Facts About Advisors
Brokerage Firm Concerns
Obama Weighs In on Your Financial Advisor
Brokerages Losing to Independents

The Economy:
Oil Price Concerns; is Relief on its Way?
Housing Price Decline
Markets in Turmoil: What Should You be Doing?
What do the Election Results Mean for the Market?
What to Expect as a Consumer
What Does History Have to Say About the Future?
Baby Boomers Going to Ground
Dealing with Changes in U.S Economy
Why Stocks Are Rising with Unemployment

Personal Finance:
Supporting Your Local Nonprofit Organizations
Important Steps to Protect Your Identity
How to Save for College
Is Now the Time to Buy a Home?
Good Saver, Bad Saver
Credit Cards: What you Need to Know
How to Raise Financially Savvy Children
Mid-life Financial Crisis
Financial Concerns
How to Make Money in Real Estate
What are Health Savings Accounts?
How to Care for Senior Parents
Investing in Environmentally Friendly Companies
Nervous Depositors Have Questions
Concerns of a Young Couple
Stocks & Bonds: When to Jump, and Where?
Delayed Gratification
Michael Jackson’s Money Problems
Beware Scammers Targeting Grandparents

How to Help Minimize Your Taxes
Common Mistakes Taxpayers Make
Writing a Check to Uncle Sam
Tax Harvesting
It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Taxes
State of the Estate Tax

Financial Planning During Divorce Proceedings
Two Common Mistakes Divorcing Persons Make
Divorce, Recession Style

Social Security, IRA’s and Retirement Plans:
The Difference Between IRAs and Roths
Life After 401(k)
6 Common Mistakes Made by IRA Owners
Roth IRAs
Counting on Social Security
When is the Best Time to  Start Taking Social Security?
Advice on How to Prep for the Upcoming Tax Season
401(k) These Days
Tapping the 401(k) in Tough Times
Accidently Disinherited
To Roth or Not to Roth