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Kevin Bourke – Bourke Wealth Management

Smart Choices for Life’s Transitions

Since 1987, Kevin Bourke and Bourke Wealth Management have been committed to providing education, financial planning and services to a wide variety of clients.  We are passionate in our dedication to our clients’ needs and goals.

As independent advisors, we are in the unique position to remain objective and always keep our clients’ best interests as our priority.  We do not deal in proprietary products and therefore have the unique ability to advise you impartially on financial products and services.

Our entire team is dedicated to and strongly believes in our financial planning process and our approach to asset management.  We seek to deliver consistent results, adding value to our clients’ financial well-being and greater satisfaction to enhance their quality of life.

Our success is not only measured by addressing our clients’ financial goals but also by building long term relationships.  Regardless of your age, income or personal situation, Bourke Wealth Management will work with you to define your goals: short term, mid term and long term, and then create and implement a financial plan to help you pursue those goals while building a relationship that will withstand the test of time.

Critical to our success is our Advisory Board.  This Board is made up of local professionals as well as clients who work with us in finding and implementing opportunities that enhance the quality of services and products we provide. Having an objective group of advisors is just one of the ways that Bourke Wealth Management distinguishes itself from other Santa Barbara financial advisors.

Our priority is to help our clients work towards their financial goals and in doing so live a less stressful, more secure, and more profitable life.

Our goal is to help you pursue your goal.